Our Story


Sisters Laurann Claridge and Lizbeth King grew up in Connecticut and came of age in the 80s wearing their dad's button-downs. Although they left behind their uniform kilts and signet rings when they graduated from boarding school, they never outgrew their fascination with menswear. In 2008, following in their entrepreneurial grandparent's footsteps (who ran their own business in New York's garment district), the duo established Claridge + King, a clothing line for women inspired by menswear fabrics and tailoring. Today Claridge (the blonde), C + K's design mind, calls herself a Texan by proxy; meanwhile, King, the brilliant business mind (with an MBA to boot), is now based in Northern California.

We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us with a question, comment, or to share your C + K experience. Thank you for bringing a piece of C + K into your life, we appreciate you. xo Laurann + Lizbeth, info@claridgeandking.com

You said …

"Everything about buying from C + K is such a treat–the secure packaging, the fast delivery, and most of all, the top-notch quality.  … I consider myself a "quality instead of quantity" shopper, and C + K items are a staple in my closet. The things I have purchased from your company have withstood washing and dry-cleaning and still look great years later. I just wanted to drop you ladies a line to let you know how much I enjoy your clothes, and actually your website, too." – Shannon

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I received my first shirt from your company and am COMPLETELY in love.  The quality of the fabric is amazing and honestly, it looks like it was tailored specifically for me.  I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to good shirts and believe in investing in quality over quantity. In keeping with that, I'm no stranger to companies like Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink's (amongst others).  However, I say without reservation that your shirt probably fits me even better than any shirt I have purchased from other high-end manufacturers. I'm so glad to have discovered your company and now that I've found my perfect size, you can bet I'll be placing additional orders from you. Job well done, ladies! I'll be sure to spread the word."- Ellen

"I now own six beautiful pieces from Claridge + King and love every single one of them.  They are beautifully made with an accent on detail, and fit me like a glove.  The packaging and thank you note are an extra bonus. … I absolutely love your line of clothing and will continue to purchase from the website." – Nancy

"Let me start by saying I have about six of your shirts or dresses. I think you have the best-made shirts–I need more! For years I have been shopping for a simple solid white or off-white flannel shirt, preferably not a man's style, but one slightly tailored with no front pockets or button-down collars. Please add one to your line, I'll buy one in every color! Sorry, I've never written a company before, but I thought, why not your shirts are my favorite!" –Alison

"I love your designs.  My daughter even said to me the other day, 'Mom, you always wear those shirts,' (not negatively), and I said, 'Yes...they are my go-to shirts, and I love them!' I can be a testimonial if you want. I don't think you need any!" –xoxo Laurie

"I love my three new boyfriend shirts! They are going to be my postpartum uniform. Thank you for sending the code. I'm planning to get three more next time you all have a sale!" - Jeanne

"I have been looking for a 100% cotton button up shirt that looks good on me for over a decade. I'm a mom and PhD student and the fact that this Ivy shirt can make me look polished, is soft when my daughter climbs into my lap mid-lecture, and can survive the inevitable trip through the washing machine without turning into a wrinkled, shrunken, mess is more than I could have hoped for. I can't say enough good things. You improved my life today and I wanted to let you know."– Bethany