The Patterned Silk + Cashmere Scarf

Measurements: 8 3/4" Width X 64" Length

Product Description

Inspired by a gentleman’s silk foulard, we’ve designed two elegant silk prints to choose from, each backed by a layer of soft 100% cashmere.

Choose from our gray herringbone design fashioned with varying depth of our favorite hue, or our midnight blue polka dot print with accents of violet and peacock green. Each of our Patterned Silk Scarves is fronted by 100% silk twill fabric and backed by a sumptuous layer of cashmere; both fabric edges are gently frayed, too.

Wildly versatile, wrap this stunning scarf about your neck, loop it, or leave it hanging long and loose. This C + K design makes a perfect gift–one size fits all.


  • One side is made with 100% silk twill (the same material many tie makers use to create their neckties) in gray herringbone or midnight blue dot patterns.
  • The other side is a cozy coordinating 100% cashmere knit available in either midnight blue or charcoal gray 
  • Measurements: 8 3/4" Width X 64" Length